Ward 1: 29th Ave. NE-Johnson-18th Ave.-Stinson-East Hennepin-8th St. NE-Central-East Hennepin-the River

Ward 2: 18th Ave. SE-Oak & 4th St.-east to 29th Ave. SE-University Ave.-east to City Limits-the River-East Hennepin-8th St. NE-Central-East Hennepin

Ward 3: the River-3rd Ave. N.-6th St. N.-6th Ave. N.-Xerxes-36th Ave. N.

Ward 4: the River-Marquette-Grant-Nicollet-Franklin-City Limits-6th St. N.-6th Ave. N.-3rd Ave. N.

Ward 5: the River-10th Ave. S.-24th St. Nicollet-Grant-Marquette

Ward 6: the River-East 24th St.-10th Ave. S.

Ward 7: the River-East 38th St.-Chicago-24th St.

Ward 8: Chicago-38th St.-Lyndale-46th St.-Dupont-50th St.-Xerxes-38th St.-City Limits-Franklin-Nicollet-24th St.


Special Laws of Minnesota ch. 3, sec. 2 & 3; Feb. 27, 1883