Source: City Council Proceedings (v. 87), Aug. 18, 1961

Ward 1
East Hennepin-5th St. NE-4th Ave. NE-Madison-Broadway-5th St. NE-City Limits
Ward 2
East Hennepin-across Nicollet Island to the River's main channel-28th Ave. S.-27th St.-31st Ave.-35th St.-40th Ave.-34th St.-the River- City Limits
Ward 3
East Hennepin-5th St. NE-4th Ave. NE-Madison-Broadway-5th St. NE-City Limits-44th Ave. N.-Lyndale-41st Ave.-Bryant-33rd Ave.-Fremont-26th Ave.-Bryant-Olson Memorial Highway-6th St. N.-Hennepin
Ward 4
The River- 44th Ave. N.-Lyndale-41st Ave.-Bryant-33rd Ave.-Fremont-29th Ave.-City Limits
Ward 5
29th Ave. N.-Fremont-26th Ave.-Bryant-Olson Memorial Highway-6th St. N.-Hennepin-Wayzata Blvd.-Great Northern tracks-Olson Memorial Highway-City Limits
Ward 6
Hennepin-Willow-Grant-LaSalle-13th St.-Marquette-Grant-Stevens-24th St.-14th Ave.-19th St.-15th Ave.-Franklin-16th Ave.-Minn. Hwy 55- 9th St. S.-28th Ave. S.-the River
Ward 7
Hennepin-Wayzata Blvd.-(Irving)-railroad tracks-Olson Highway-City Limits-41st St.-Zenith-42nd St.-Queen-William Berry Road- East Lake Calhoun Blvd.-East Lake of the Isles Blvd.-26th St.-Blaisdell-24th St.-Stevens-Grant-Marquette-13th St.-LaSalle-Grant-Willow
Ward 8
Blaisdell-34th St.-Nicollet-43rd St.-Standish-38th St.-Chicago-35th St.-14th Ave.-31st St.-Chicago-24th St.
Ward 9
Standish-38th St.-Chicago-35th St.-14th Ave.-31st St.-Chicago-24th St.-14th Ave.-19th St.-15th Ave.-Franklin-16th Ave.-Minn. Hwy 55-9th St. S.-28th Ave. S.-27th St.-31st Ave.-35th St.-Snelling-38th St.-28th Ave.-42nd St.
Ward 10
Blaisdell-34th St.-Nicollet-44th St.-King's Highway-42nd St.-Lake Harriet Blvd.-William Berry Road-East Lake Calhoun Blvd.- East Lake of the Isles Blvd.-26th St.
Ward 11
Pleasant-Minnehaha Pkwy.-Lyndale-44th St.-Nicollet-43rd St.-Standish-Minnehaha Pkwy-28th Ave.-56th St.-Standish-City Limits
Ward 12
The River-34th St.-40th Ave. S.-35th St.-Snelling-38th St.-28th Ave.-42nd St.-Standish-Minnehaha Pkwy-28th Ave.-56th St.-Standish- City Limits
Ward 13
Pleasant-Minnehaha Pkwy.-Lyndale-44th St.- King's Highway-42nd St.-Lake Harriet Blvd.-(42nd St.)-Queen-42nd St.-Zenith-41st St.- City Limits