Park Districts, 1973

Source: Minneapolis Tribune, Monday, May 10, 1971, p. 6c

District 1: NE and SE Minneapolis
District 2: The River-Hennepin-6th St. N.-Olson-City Limits
District 3: The River-Hennepin-13th St.-1st Ave. S.- 19th St.-Stevens-25th St.-4th Ave.-31st St.-Chicago- 38th St.-20th Ave.-35th St.-36th Ave.-36th St.-42nd Ave.-37th St.
District 4: Olson-6th St. N.-Hennepin-13th St.-1st Ave. S.-19th St.-Stevens -25th St.-4th Ave.-31st St.-Nicollet-34th St.-East Lake Calhoun Blvd.- William Berry Road-42nd St.-Xerxes-41st St.-City Limits
District 5: Pleasant-Minnehaha Pkwy-Lyndale-47th St.-Nicollet- 48th St.-Chicago-38th St.-20th Ave. S.-35th St.-36th Ave.-36th St.-42nd Ave.-37th St.-City Limits
District 6: Pleasant-Minnehaha Pkwy-Lyndale-47th St.-Nicollet- 48th St.-Chicago-31st St.-Nicollet-34th St.-East Lake Calhoun Blvd.-William Berry Road- 42nd St.-Zenith-41st St.-City Limits