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Thank you for your interest in the Elections Trends Project. As of July 2012, Highwood Press is no longer a non-profit organization. We can't offer you a tax deduction, and the Pay Pal link is closed. But if you like what you see, send your comments or ideas or money to 1213 East 38th Street, Mpls, MN 55407. Many thanks. We are looking for volunteers from around the state to make this site truly an encyclopedia of the history of Minnesota. We need volunteers to help with the following:

  • adding contributions to the data base
  • researching and drawing maps of the election districts of Mpls, 1855-2007
  • researching colorful stories, biographical material, etc.
  • writing grants
  • sprucing up the website

Send us inventories of elected officials like the ones you see here. Sources for local political history include:

  • county and city histories
  • newspapers
  • official city records and archives

Local civil servants and office-holders know more about our towns than anyone. Librarians can find information that the rest of wouldn't even think to ask for. And senior citizens have wonderful memories of the old days. Ask them about the history of your town.

We welcome your donations of time, and your comments. You can reach us at:

Thank you for visiting us. Stop by again!

Highwood Press — Minneapolis, MN — (612) 872-9156

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