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The following persons were accused of various offenses while in office. Many were cleared. To find out more, keep looking at this site.

  • J.B. Gilbert, Board of Education of St. Anthony--1864 removed
  • Ernest Ortman, Comptroller--1877 convicted
  • John A. Gilman, 3rd Ward Alderman, City Inspector--1896 indicted
  • W.B. Woodward & George Flanders, Aldermen--1896 fled
  • George Durnham, 3rd Ward Alderman--1897 convicted
  • Frank Drew, 12th Ward Alderman--1897 indicted
  • Doc Ames, Mayor--1902 convicted
  • J.F. Wallace, 2nd Ward Alderman--1917 convicted
  • Edward W. Hawley, 2nd Ward Alderman--1921 indicted
  • E.J. Sweeney, 3rd Ward Alderman--1929 convicted
  • Fred Maurer, 3rd Ward Alderman--1929 convicted
  • Frank E. Giebenhain, 10th Ward Alderman--1929 convicted
  • W.H. Rendell, 8th Ward Alderman--1929 indicted
  • J. Russell Sheffield, 8th Ward Alderman--1929 indicted
  • J. Russell Sheffield, 8th Ward Alderman--1930 shot
  • Arne Carlson, 12th Ward Alderman--1965 indicted
  • Zollie Green, 9th Ward Alderman--1977 and 1983 indicted
  • Earl Netwal, 6th Ward Alderman--1977 indicted
  • Judy Martinson-Corrao, 2nd Ward Alderman--1979 exposed
  • Brian Herron, 8th Ward Alderman--2001 convicted
  • Joe Biernat, 3rd Ward Alderman--2002 convicted
  • Dean Zimmerman, Park Board, 6th Ward Alderman--2005 convicted

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